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EoT013 : How to Teach Children to Share

We need to understand that young children usually start off with small social circles. As babies, they tend to be attached to only a choice few to attend to their basic needs. As they grow older, they tend to open up to siblings and extended family members and by the time they get to kindergarten, they are expected to socialize with a whole bunch of unfamiliar people regardless of whether they are ready or not.

As such, it is totally normal for young children to have challenges in their attempts to learn skills required to be sociable, such as sharing, communicating, maintaining eye-contact, taking turns to talk, being sympathetic, and being able to put themselves in other’s shoes. Getting young children to share is particularly problematic when they come from families with few or no siblings as they tend to lack the daily practice of learning to get along with other children.


To make matters worse, many teachers are unsure about how to equip children with the tools to learn to share and to get along with others. Here are some things that teachers do which really need to be given more thought:-

1) Have you ever found yourself telling the children that ‘sharing is caring’?

2) Do you assume that everyone shares the same understanding and practices about sharing?

3) Do you jump in when children have disagreements about sharing and try to ‘rescue’ the whole situation?


Recommended Book list:-

Books for kindergarteners:

Share and take turns

Llama llama time to share

Not fair, wont share: a book about sharing (our emotions and behavior)



Books for toddlers:

Sharing time

Yummy ice cream: a book about sharing

I can share: a lift-the-flap book


Thanks for listening and for your support!

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