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EoT011 : Prevention is Better Than Cure: A Classroom Environment that Promotes Good Behaviour

In this episode, we discuss ways to employ fundamental principles of Early Childhood Education to create an environment that brings out the best behaviour in young children, and foster learning, independence and responsibility.


To learn more about how you can create a structured classroom environment, I’ve created a free, 3-part Video Training Series specifically for Early Childhood Educators, which shows you some basic tips on how to do exactly that. The video training series also shows you how to settle children quickly into a new classroom environment plus how to deal with difficult parents. All these videos are short and power packed with very practical tips and ideas which you can use right away. To subscribe, please visit


Remember that the true essence of teaching is more than just rushing through a curriculum or making sure that no one hurts themselves in class….it’s about finding different ways to reach out to children so that they are given the opportunity to shine! Till next week, keep learning and happy teaching!


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