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EoT003 : Good Early Childhood Educators Are Diamonds In The Rough

What it means to be a good teacher; do you have what it takes to be a real gem?
We are all great teachers in the making and with enough shaping, polishing and refining, you will turn out to be a gem of a teacher.

An article in The Telegraph dated Jan 10th this year entitled ‘Why does no one want to be a teacher?’ by Sally Peck raises some serious concerns facing the teachers in Britain where an average of 40% of teachers leave their teaching career within the first 5 years of teaching and teachers who remain within the field lack skills. The article also states that this challenge is probably due to the low salary for the workload that teachers had to bear as well as a lack of a rigorous assessment and mentoring programme.

So where have all the good teachers gone? The answer is simple….nowhere! Good teachers are diamonds in the rough.

Basically, the recipe for a good teacher has two ingredients.
1) a good attitude
– a positive attitude towards learning, for trying out new things, being self-aware, knowing your core and purpose.
– this quality can be picked up by being immersed in a positive environment through keeping company with others who also have a positive attitude.

2) skills
– teaching skills: you need to be able to communicate your instructions clearly, to facilitate learning, to write and customize lesson plans, to observe and assess children, to manage children’s behaviours, just to name a few,
– management skills: to properly manage time, resources and space,
– people skills: to work with parents, colleagues, trainees.

If you are tuning into this podcast right now, you are already taking the first step to being a great teacher and the best part is that you can take your content with you on the go, listen to it while you are getting on with your daily routine and it’s free!

If you’d like to learn more, visit to listen to my free video training series entitled ‘GreatStart4Teachers: the survival toolkit for new pre-school teachers’, which will help you improve your skill set with regards to understanding, managing and meeting the needs of children with difficult behaviours. This training series will also teach you about how to manage parent’s expectations so that they will be easier to manage.

With the right guidance, any teacher can be great! Good luck!

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