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EoT002 : Goal Setting For Kindergarten Teachers

Goal setting for success; how to set goals to be a better kindergarten teacher.

In order to work towards being a better teacher, you first need to find out what your core/purpose/aspirations and then you can take small steps and work your way towards it.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:
1) Think about a teacher who has made an impression on you (perhaps when you were at kindergarten, primary, secondary, collage, music class),
2) State why you think that teacher was special and what qualities he/she had which made a difference.
3) Ask yourself if you’d also like to be like this teacher or to have his/her qualities. Make a list of the qualities which you’d like to have as a teacher.
4) Ask yourself why you’d like to have these qualities and what purpose it will serve to the children.
5) Pick out one quality which you’d like to work on first and identify one small step which you can implement in your classroom tomorrow so that you can work on it.

For a more far-sighted plan, try identifying three small steps which will help you develop the quality which you’d like to work on first. Then, find simple ways in which you can work towards implementing all three small steps in class tomorrow.

Here’s an example;
If you want to be an energetic, lively and cheerful teacher because you want the children to be motivated like you, you could choose to try to work on being more cheerful. To get there, you may need to smile more, laugh more and to try to be more relaxed. To start implementing these small steps, you may want to start by being conscious of your own facial expression by looking into the mirror more, trying to relax with deep breathing and to start saying funny things so that the children can laugh with you.

It is also a good idea to incorporate these small steps into your daily log (to learn more about keeping a daily log, please tune in to podcast #1 or read the show notes for podcast #1) so that you can constantly reflect on what you have worked on and find ways to do it better the next day.

Attached are beautifully illustrated posters number 1 and number 2, which you can download, print out, fill in the blanks and laminate so that you can put it somewhere visible to remind you of what qualities you’d like to have and why. It reads ‘I am a _____,_____ and ____teacher because I want my students to_______’.

For next week’s podcast, the topic will be  ‘good early childhood educators are diamonds in the rough: what is means to be a good teacher and do you have what it takes to be a real gem.


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