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Easter Holiday Video Blog – Day 8: A Day At The Lake

Today, we made a trip out to the lake with our scooters. My boys and I had a race around the lake ….thrice! It was cold and cloudy and not the best day to go out to the lake but it was worth it because we really needed all the space and to be close to nature to deal with the gloomy day.

Note to self:

– Definitely need to layer up on cold days,

– Also a good idea to pack along some blankets and a pillow 🙂

From a daredevil scootering mum,

Queenie Tan


One of the things that I love most about this place is it’s picturesque scenery.


Here’s one of my boys…..looking rather miserable because it’s too cold to jump in for a swim.


Here’s another view from the other side of the lake.

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