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Easter Holiday Video Blog – Day 6: Scootering

We have house guests this week and though we are super excited about it, we are also trying to fit everything into our holiday routine….including our guests.

The boys went for a movie with our guests this morning and have been in the mall for a huge part of the day so we decided to find a good outlet for access energy….right at our lobby!

Note to self:

– Learning scootering tricks with my boys is a sure way to earn myself the ‘super cool mum’ status so do keep it up,

– I really need to think about getting into a more appropriate outfit for future scootering sessions,

– If I fall while attempting any scootering tricks, I need to pretend I’m dead rather than getting up immediately (apparently it’s way more ‘cool’ that way),

– Custom build a ramp!

Having fun everyday,

Queenie Tan

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