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Easter Holiday Video Blog – Day 4: Rolling On Grass And Counting Clouds

Today was another fun day at the park with the boys and I running, rolling and lying on the grass while we looked at the blue skies (extremely rare in Hong Kong) and counted clouds. As there was a huge group of older children playing with my boys today, out came the frisbees and a many rounds of tag. 4 hours of full on running, screaming and jumping…..yes, you guessed right! My boys ate up all their dinner at lightning speed and was fast asleep right after 😉

Note to self:

– Always sit against a tree when surrounded by children playing frisbee (yes, the tree trunk saved my life once, and that of the child who threw the thing at me!),

– Might seriously also want to consider bringing along a pillow……and a blanket……and a little tent!

Cleaver mummy of two boys,

Queenie Tan

ps. if there are other ways that you can get your children to eat everything up quickly and to go to sleep by 8pm, please feel free to share it in the comments section below……

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