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Children are not born evil!

Just this last week, I’ve bumped into so many parents who seem to be at a loss with their children. Yet, they appear to have the assumption that it’s natural for them to have poorly behaved and non-compliant children, that their children will magically develop good behaviours and character as naturally as they learnt to walk or speak and that well behaved children are born that way and that you should thank your lucky stars if you had one like that.

“It’s natural, they don’t understand, they are just going through the terrible two’s”
“Sometimes, I just wished they would grow up quickly so I don’t have to deal with their problems”
“It’s ok for them to be aggressive, after all, I was exactly like that when I was young”.

When parents make These statements, it usually sounds like they are asking a question or reassuring themselves rather than stating the obvious. Well, I’ve got news for u!

It’s not natural for children to be Well behaved. They’re not born evil, they only respond to or mirror the people and environment that they are in. My own children and students in my classrooms can be better behaved than many of their parents at an early age of 2.5 years.

If ur children misbehave, it doesn’t mean that u r a bad person per se. It only means that u have poor parenting skills which, like all other skills, can be learnt. My expertise is not in telling u what u should and shouldn’t do with your children. It lies in teaching you to reflect on and to fine tune your parenting skills so that you can develop a style which is unique to meet the ever changing needs of your children.

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