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Are you child-focused or child-centred?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if there’s even a difference … and there is … a huge one in fact!   Child-focused parenting is when the parents do everything they want (for themselves), for their children. It may sound like the child is at the center of it but actually, they’re not. The parents are making parenting decisions for their children based on what THEY WANT for their children.   Child-centered parenting is when parents do everything that THE CHILD NEEDS based on THE CHILDREN’S unique needs. These parents put a lot of effort into finding out what is best for their …

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Are you guilty of parenting with a victim mentality?

“I can’t get my child to feed himself because my in-laws feed him so now he’s spoilt” “My children won’t listen to me because even my husband doesn’t listen to his parents” “My children can’t cope well in preschool because they have a lousy teacher” “I can’t get them to eat dinner without putting a device in front of them or they will be running around” “I’m struggling to manage my son’s behaviors because he has special needs, he is learning disabled and he is difficult to manage” Sounds familiar? Yup! That’s what it means by ‘parenting with a victim mentality’ where everything is everybody’s …

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I did not mean to lie to my boys but I did

I never meant to lie to my boys, but I did.   The day I became a mom was the most magical day of my life, and I immediately fell in love with my boys the minute I laid eyes on them. This may be different for different moms but, for me, it was pure and simple love at first sight. I remember being so overwhelmed with love that my heart couldn’t take it, and I knew that my life would never be the same again, because now I truly had something to live for.   As soon as my boys arrived into the …

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It’s a scary world out there, advocate for your children as they fight through it!

My child was traumatized by her swimming coach after a small incident, and she was so hesitant to go to the next class even when I tried talking to her about it, she seemed unwilling to bend her determination to miss the next class. Yet, when I ‘pushed’ her a little, she didn’t seem to object as much as I thought she would… I sent her to her swimming class…….she looked at me as we were getting ready to leave the house with those ‘mom, please save me, don’t make me do this’ eyes. I shook it off and told …

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I got married last month! Are my boys thinking about getting married too?

Some of you might be aware that, in autumn 2016, we packed up and left the life that we knew behind. We made the drastic decision to give up everything we had, have the boys leave their school, move out of Hong Kong (the only home that my boys have ever known), and to start a new life as digital nomads, worldschoolers and, for me, a single parent.   For those of you who have been following our journey on social media or via my emails, you will already be aware of our crazy journey to discover the world, to transition into …

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Inner Circle

This group allows for small groups of parents to be mentored by me through a 12-week program where I will coach parents through a very intensive, hands-on program with weekly specific objectives. This is a good opportunity for me to customise the program to help you meet the developmental needs of your child. Conducted on-line with weekly video tutorials, child observation assignments and accountability virtual meeting, spaces are limited. Please click on 'tell me more' for group commencement dates and early bird discounts.

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Private Consults

I am available for one-on-one consults via Skype/in-person to answer any pressing question which you may have about young children. Private sessions are charged at USD$199 per hour where I'll be able to formulate practical advice for you to put in place to meet the specific needs of your child and parenting styles. All interactions and exchanges will be held in strict confidence. Register to check my availability.

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Parent Support Group

Do you want to host your own parent support group? We can plan a session for you and your friends or for the parents at your kindergarten exclusively. Please register and state your intent for hosting a session and I will contact you to facilitate the discussion, subject to my availability.

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