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Falling In Love In Boston: Visiting A Beautiful Reggio Emilia Pre-School

During my recent trip to Boston, I’ve had the privilege to visit a preschool that a good friend of mine, Hillary, runs. It's called Newtowe School and it houses children ages 2-5 years. It was nothing short of breath taking......Unlike many Reggio Emilia schools that I have seen, this one really puts the community at the heart of their focus. They have what I call....... an ‘open door’ policy where parents were allowed and encouraged to come into the classrooms to help out on a daily basis and there are also groups of parents who work on various projects within the …

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An Elderly Lady Verbally Abuses And Tries To Bully And Traumatise My 10 Year Old (Dyslexic) Son. Though Shaken, His Take On It Was Priceless.

This must be one of the longest moments of my life. I swore that I must have held my breath the whole time that I witnessed an old lady being extremely nasty to my son while she repeatedly accused him of doing something he didn’t do. To make matters worse, she got her cronies to gang up on my son as well. We were at the pool earlier today. It’s a hot saturday afternoon and I brought my boys for a swim with some friends. They were busy playing at the deep end of the pool under my supervision and might …

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Video Blog: Modern Day Camping

I love being outdoors but camping is not really my cup of tea, especially if it's about setting up tents and taking baths in the river. But for this weekend, our friends went to Mingle Farm for a night out to experience Modern Day Camping and we were so glad that we went! The camping ground was nicely fenced up so that it was safe for the children to take walks on their own. They also had lots of activities on site to keep the children busy and I particularly liked their unconventional choices in accommodation that came with heated water …

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FREE video training series – Intentional Parenting: A Case Study on how Applied Child Developmental Psychology Changed the Lives of Two Parents and Their Children (and many more generations to come)

In the last two video of this video training series, I mentioned about how child developmental psychology teaches us to ‘see’ and understand young children in their own light……..and how it functions like a lens which changes how we see, interpret and address the needs of young children. In this video, I’m going to show you what a huge difference applying child developmental psychology has made in the lives of two different parents whom I’ve worked with…….so that you can see how easy it is to manage young children and bring out their full potential……..once you know what they fundamentally need. So here …

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FREE video training series – Intentional Parenting: Setting Limits & Teaching Young Children About Discipline

My mom had one simple rule when it came to setting limits and teaching my sis and I to be disciplined : that a tight slap right across the face (every now and then) is good for teaching us to behave ourselves……  If you believe in inflicting physical or emotional pain on your children in the name of teaching them about discipline, then you would probably feel the same way my mom does………a combination of frustration……..followed by anger……..followed by guilt. When guilt hits, that’s when we start to question if what we're doing is right and that’s also when we start …

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FREE video training series – Intentional Parenting: What Tantrums Tell Us

Intentional Parenting: What Tantrums Tell Us Welcome to video #1 of my Intentional Parenting video training series! In this video, I explain how child developmental psychology can significantly impact the way we understand our children's needs, interpret their cues and how we proceed to nurture them. This is the video training series that I mom had seen when I was younger. She loved me to bits but she also had lots of struggles and miserable moments because of me. My mom was a very typical mom who used conventional adult wisdom to interpret their children's needs and as such, she saw …

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Easter Holiday Video Blog – Day 10 : Playing In The Rain

It has been raining non-stop and it started to get depressing so I had to drag everyone out to the nearest puddle! Note to self: - Do not stand too close to children who are busy jumping in puddles (especially with a camera in hand!). Dancing in the rain, Queenie Tan

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Easter Holiday Video Blog – Day 9: Picnic With The Flamingoes

This is one of our favourite places for a picnic and it's nestled right in the middle of one of the most busy towns in Hong Kong! From your park lover, Queenie Tan

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