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Book Review – Teaching children about how unique they are

  Hi there! Queenie Tan here, Asia's Premier Parenting Coach. And today I'm gonna review another book. This is like my favorite. I can't really say it's my favorite because I got a lot of favorites, so this is one of my absolute favorites. I think I just witched the English language, but yes, it's called Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal. Okay, so I'm gonna read this book to you, and you can decide if you like it, but I think that every child should be read this book because it helps them understand why the names are... …

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Here’s my favourite books about Chinese New Year

One of my biggest struggle as a teacher is finding the right books (if any at all) about Chinese New Year. Fortunately, there are more out there now compared to when I first started teaching back in the 1990’s.   I’m going to share my favourite 4 books that you could read to preschoolers that are really fun and easy to understand. Here are the other 3: 1.My first Chinese New Year by Karen Katz Karen Kats has lots of board books for toddlers and I particularly love her books about appropriate behaviours. The thing about this book is that it’s not for the little …

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Why I love it when children ask a million questions and why you should too!

“Mum! Why is broccoli good for me?” “But why do I need vitamins and iron?” “What is vitamin anyway?” “Do you need it?” “But what if I don’t want it?” “Can I get my vitamins from other foods?” “Can I have my vitamins once a month?” “But why?” “My friend at school doesn’t have his vitamins and he’s OK. Maybe you should ask him about it?” “No mum! He’s still alive and he doesn’t take food with vitamins and he’s still not dead yet. Can you come to class early tomorrow? I’ll show you! He’s really still alive!” This is very typical of a preschooler who asks two dozen questions …

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When love and patience isn’t enough to be an effective parent.

I’ve heard this a million times… well, OK, maybe not a million times… but more like 3 million times! And I’m sure you have heard this too… “So long as you are trying your best, you are being a great parent!” “I need to have a bit more patience to be a good parent.” “All you have to do is to tell your children you love them every day and give them lots of hugs and kisses and they will turn out fine.” But really, is this the recipe for being an effective parent? Is it enough to be trying hard, to be loving …

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Are you child-focused or child-centred?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if there’s even a difference … and there is … a huge one in fact!   Child-focused parenting is when the parents do everything they want (for themselves), for their children. It may sound like the child is at the center of it but actually, they’re not. The parents are making parenting decisions for their children based on what THEY WANT for their children.   Child-centered parenting is when parents do everything that THE CHILD NEEDS based on THE CHILDREN’S unique needs. These parents put a lot of effort into finding out what is best for their …

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It’s a scary world out there, advocate for your children as they fight through it!

My child was traumatized by her swimming coach after a small incident, and she was so hesitant to go to the next class even when I tried talking to her about it, she seemed unwilling to bend her determination to miss the next class. Yet, when I ‘pushed’ her a little, she didn’t seem to object as much as I thought she would… I sent her to her swimming class…….she looked at me as we were getting ready to leave the house with those ‘mom, please save me, don’t make me do this’ eyes. I shook it off and told …

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Why this Father’s Day creates such conflict for me……

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. I opened up my Facebook newsfeed to find countless messages from my Facebook ‘friends’ to their fathers…..and those of wives to their husbands for being such amazing fathers.   I wish I could feel like they do…….in fact, I think I did once……but definitely not anymore.   Let me explain……my father wasn’t really there for me. I remember my mom being the one who was trying to keep everything together at home. When my dad did decide to make an appearance in my life, disaster, trauma and anxiety came with him. So, when he died a few years ago, …

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A conversation I had with my 11 year old about suicide

Me: Does the name Kate Spade ring a bell to you? Son: Yes, it sounds familiar. Me: It’s the name of the shop outside our house, the one that sells all the quirky handbags. Son: Oh yeah, I remember it now. Me: Well, it’s named after the lady who founded it, and designs the bags that are sold in the shop. Son: Oh, okay. Me: Apparently she just died. Son: What? How? Me: She killed herself. Son: What? Why would she do that? Me: Lots of people do that. Son: But, why didn’t she want to live anymore? Me: I’m not exactly sure. I think she was depressed. Son: What’s depressed? Me: It’s a …

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